public trash can / floor-standing / galvanized steel / sheet steel
FORLI 383 DIMCAR s.r.l.



  • Type:


  • Installation:


  • Material...:

    galvanized steel, sheet steel

  • Options and accessories:

    with built-in ashtray, traditional


Recycle Bin for the collection of municipal waste, Forlì model, made of sheet steel and includes ashtray. The structure consists of an upright round tube made of galvanized steel used to support the basket and its lid, both made of galvanized steel sheet. The cover accommodates at its center an ashtray fixed, circular in shape, including a micro-perforated plate for the switching off of butts. The basket is characterized by the presence, in the upper part, of a punching square holes born that are repeated for the ' entire circumference of the drum, a slight anti cutting edge, and a ring stops lot hinged in the edge of the inner drum. Additional decorative friezes were used on the top of the mast and on the bottom of the basket in order to give a more classic appearance to the product. Emptying ensure a compromise of simplicity and safety, in fact, a lever spring on the underside of the lid allows emptying the ashtray directly in the basket, while, the release of the Allen screw with tipping front of the drum, facilitates the removal or replacement of the bag. The finish is adopted for the selection of Forli color gun barrel, the customer can request any color customization based on those available on the site. The painting is done with the help of ' thermosetting powder with baking. For more details download the detailed data sheet on the product.

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