public trash can / floor-standing / galvanized steel / wooden
OIKOS 370 DIMCAR s.r.l.



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    galvanized steel, wooden

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Waste bin for municipal waste collection Oikos. The structure is made of support pins made of Nordic pine wood, which are beveled to the four corners designed for fixing to the ground by extending them into the ground. Rectangular basket made of galvanized steel sheet with perforated bottom to allow for drainage of meteoric waters, coated with twelve Nordic pinewood bands treated with high pressure autoclave impregnated with saline concentrate for the prevention of fungal attacks, insects and Marshalling, colored impregnation loop and glossy finish for exterior. The wood used is Nordic pine from Northern Europe. The logs are cut and processed, at the origin, according to the most stringent laws on woodland reproduction. The impregnation treatment involves the use of protection salts which are also tested and approved by the Berlin Construction Institute according to DIN68800. The process of electronically controlled autoclave on the concentration of salt in the wood guarantees a long service life and total unattability by aggressive agents.

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