public trash can / galvanized steel / wooden / contemporary
DEMOS 371 DIMCAR s.r.l.



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    galvanized steel, wooden

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Demos Demolition Demolition Waste Dust Collector. Cylindrical shape made of galvanized steel sheet and covered with sixteen rounds of Nordic pine wood all beveled to the corners. The leaflets are prepared with a saline concentrate autoclave impregnation, a treatment that gives preventive protection against attacks from mushroom and marrow insects. At end-of-treatment, they undergo a colored impregnation cycle and a last passage of polished finish particularly suitable for outdoor environments. The base of the basket is instead of CLS high-gloss, smooth and white-colored CLS, treated with a special anti-degradable protective liquid based on acrylic resins wrapped in solvent solvents that evaporate solvents and simultaneously film. The product thus obtained has excellent resistance to atmospheric and abrasion and has good resistance to the most common chemical agents such as acids and diluted bases. Emptying operations consist merely in extracting the sack. The basket is supplied in assembly kits with screws and mounting instructions. It also has, at the base, plates with holes for anchoring to the concrete structure by means of slotted ends and expansion joists.

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