public trash can / galvanized steel / contemporary / recycling
HEX 434 DIMCAR s.r.l.



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  • Material...:

    galvanized steel

  • Options and accessories:

    contemporary, recycling


The waste collection basket, HEX model, is made of galvanized steel sheet worked and shaped to give the product a pleasant aesthetic appearance. The whole structure is supported by n ° 02 uprights, securely anchored to the ground and made of galvanized steel round tube, complete with circular plates. Four separate containers with a total capacity of 240 liters, complete with galvanized sheet metal bottom with holes for discharge of meteoric waters. Each basket is provided with a galvanized sheet-molded lid and a special sack ring inside the container, full galvanized round. Each basket is provided with a sticker indicating the type of collection. Emptying operations are facilitated by the manual overturning of both the lid and the firm inner bag that allows the bag to be removed in a few simple moves. In the design phase, the basic colors for the finishes have been identified, which are reflected in: iron gray color for the uprights, brilliant aluminum containers, while for the four covers: blue RAL 5017 (for Aluminum collection), white RAL 9016 traffic (for CARTA collection), zinc yellow RAL 1018 (for PLASTIC collection), green moss RAL 6005 (for GLASS collection). However, it is understood that the customer has the ability to vary the basic colors using the RAL color list available on our site. The thermosetting powdery coating technique with baking oven gives a wider longevity to the product.

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