IP66 floodlight / LED / for public spaces / for public buildings
CRIPTO Disano Illuminazione



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    for public spaces, for public buildings, for parking lots, for sports facilities

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Disano presents a spotlight designed to be a possible retrofit solutions for more classic models.
The excellent performance of this spotlight in terms of energy savings and luminous efficiency combine with a long life of 80000 hours and materials with IP66 protection for outdoor installation.
Latest generation LED sources guarantee 3000/6300 Lumen and a suitable colour temperature without changing the perception of materials (4000K) and a very good colour rending (CRI 90).
Its advanced technology and functional design are conceived to reduce consumptions and fulfil the increasing need to replace obsolete fixtures and meet the growing attention towards energy savings.
Housing/Chassis: in die-cast aluminium with cooling fins.
Diffuser: in tempered glass, 4 mm thick, resistant to thermal shocks and impacts.
Coating: in several stages. The first stage includes grey epoxy cationic electro-coating to improve resistance to corrosion and saline environments. Then it is coated with eco-friendly, UV-stabilised, acrylic resin finish.