Sliding door automation


  • Door applications:

    for sliding doors


It is becoming increasingly common today to design buildings with technological facades.
The automatic facades that closely monitor entrances and control the effect of the outdoor climate obviously have
to blend in with the technological structures and be of appropriate quality.
Ten is the new DITEC automatic system that has been designed to meet these new architectural and applicational needs.
Technical features

It is modern and technological and has three very important general features:
The box is only 100 mm high
It can be regulated vertically by 15 m.
It has a box that can be assembled into distinct and connectable parts.

Geometry and clean good looks.
The automatic system is enclosed in a simple, elegant and functional aluminium box that is just 100 mm high and therefore adapts perfectly and almost invisibly to the structural system of the building components.

Practicality and speed of installation.
Aesthetic appeal is not just a need for new architecture.
Technological innovation has in fact not just revolutionised living patterns but also building sites by transforming them from places of implementation of products to assembly and finishing places.


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