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contemporary kitchen / glass / laminate / wood veneer



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    glass, laminate, wood veneer

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We have been fooling ourselves all along, singing in the shower is for amateurs, the place where we really let go and sing to our hearts’ content is in the kitchen. Like when you are putting the plates onto the countertop and you get the need to move them around like a DJ, or when you are stirring something in a saucepan and you just have to grab the spoon like a microphone and let out those vocals that any professional singer would be jealous of.

When we have just finished cooking, we start feeling a bit embarrassed that maybe someone was looking at us through the window, but don’t worry, it’s impossible to make a fool of yourself in an exclusive “Albens Sedamat Blanco” kitchen by Muebles de cocina Doca, your neighbours won’t be able to stop looking at how lovely the cupboards with a Sedamat Blanco finish are, and you will be the envy of the neighbourhood thanks to the retractable columns in an Albens finish. With this sophisticated, modern kitchen nothing can steal the limelight.

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