contemporary wardrobe / lacquered glass / sliding door



  • Style:


  • Material:

    lacquered glass

  • Door:

    sliding door


The East has aroused people’s interest in the West for centuries. In the fifteenth century they spoke of an oriental renaissance and there was a boom in anything to do with their culture and knowledge.

With the passing of time, our identities have been brought closer together, however, there are certain aspects which are still a mystery. Jugs from the Ming dynasty, pieces of jade and antique Buddha’s are some of the most prized and sought after in the world. Pieces of this kind can really refine the style of a room with their mere presence.

That’s what happens with our “GlassMix Blanco Mate” wardrobe, panelled sliding doors in matt white glass add that sophisticated oriental touch. At the same time, thanks to the organized interior space for storage, there is the functionality you need.