traditional wardrobe / lacquered wood / sliding door



  • Style:


  • Material:

    lacquered wood

  • Door:

    sliding door


If beauty is in things' inner, why hiding out what wardrobes have inside? I have memories from my childhood where my grandmother showed me very proudly how tidy and well-organized her wardrobe was; impeccably folded linen, all shirts hanging exactly at the same distance from each another, everything orderly classified by clothe items and colours. What a pity all that was kept out of sight by the wardrobe doors. And this is why the Old White Timeless provides you with the opportunity to decorate from outside in; its inner part has been made with eucalyptus wood, which contrasts wonderfully with the lacquered white doors. This classic wardrobe openings give you a sight of its inside and turn this into another of your best house accessories.