contemporary kitchen / elm / stone / with handles



  • Style:


  • Material...:

    elm, stone

  • Other characteristics:

    with handles


Minimalism pretends to reduce content to its elementary expressions, but Doca goes a step further; Following these guidelines, small details are made present in each of the elements that make this unique kitchen.

First of all, the central area of the furniture made in Natur Elm stands out, in which Doca focuses all attention on a countertop designed in detail where the surrounding furniture envelops the central stone with the warmth of its veneer. Bevelled details and creation of handles made in the veneer itself that enhance the quality of Doca furniture.

On the second hand, the column area holds a large storage area. Appliances, shelves, drawers and sliding coplanar door system are combined so the space has the functionality and ergonomics which is always so present in Doca kitchens.

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