aluminum vapor barrier / polypropylene / polyethylene / adhesive



  • Material:

    aluminum, polypropylene, polyethylene

  • Specifications:

    adhesive, reflective


The energy-saving draught and vapour barrier for all roof constructions. Saves energy and cuts costs: this energy-saving draught and vapour barrier is 100% effective! Made of a highly flexible 4-ply material, DELTA®-REFLEX PLUS improves heat insulation by up to 10%, thus reducing heating expenses. It enhances living quality by reflecting 50% of the heat. In addition, it screens the interior from up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation. Highly tenacious and flame-retardant, the sheet is suitable for building, converting, and rehabilitating roofs of all constructions.

A watertight, corrosion-free embedded aluminium layer between a highly transparent polyester film and a mesh-reinforced polyethylene film.