USB socket / power / multi-person / desk
PCS67 Doug Mockett & Co.



  • Type:

    USB, power

  • Configuration:


  • Installation:


  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    black, white


Maximize power and USB charging capabilities while minimizing the footprint on the desktop. Three mounting options available: Freestanding table top version for mobile use on any surface area, removable edge mount version clamps for use on the side of the desk with an edge mount clamp bracket, or a grommet version for a permanent installation - drill a 2-1/4" diameter hole, insert the unit from above and hand-tighten the locking ring underneath. Three standard configurations available. Outlets rated 15A/125VAC and USB chargers can charge multiple mobile devices at once, making this an ideal fixture for use as a public charging station or a private workstation with multiple users.

Removable cap included or dress it up with a custom top or graphic for a personal touch. We carry optional color tops , available in 14 kicky, fun colors.