wooden ventilation grill / rectangular / square / linear
LWAVG Doug Mockett & Co.



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    rectangular, square, linear, round


Let no area of a home or offices go overlooked in the area of style! Beautiful and functional, classy wooden air vent grilles are perfect for anyone who takes great pride in his work or living space. LWAVG/T20 is third of three sizes in our Rectangular Wood Air Vent Grilles. Other sizes available: LWAVG/T9, LWAVG/T16.

Size: 20 9/16" long x 3 9/16" wide, 29/32" deep. Fits into 19 15/16" long x 2 15/16" wide opening.
Air flow percentage: 31.76%

Wood species available: Beech, Cherry, Maple, Oak.