metal glass clamp / for interior
PGRP1 Doug Mockett & Co.



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    for interior


New Panel Brackets offer endless solutions to unconventional design applications. Unique display holders pick up where our traditional Multipurpose Standoff Supports leave off.

Create a divider or privacy screen on a desk or countertop, or showcase a display panel above the surface. Can even be used to suspend a panel from above.

Comes with a round base, which is secured with four mounting screws, then the panel bracket barrel is secured to the base. Option to drill through the panel and insert a threaded stud all the way through for an optimum hold, or use nylon-tipped set screws (sold separately - see "add-ons") to tighten up against the panel to secure it in place. Drop panel into the grip surface, screw into place, and go!

Bracket Surface Width/Opening: 9/32" for 1/4" thick material.