USB socket / data / power / multi-person
PCS49 Doug Mockett & Co.



  • Type:

    USB, data, power

  • Configuration:


  • Installation:


  • Material:


  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    black, white


With a flat, horizontal face that sits slightly above the desktop, this model is ideal for workstations that require heavy usage but still want to maintain a streamlined look. No guessing games here. No hideaways or pop-ups to figure out; this unit is exposed at all times for easy access. Rounded edges and a sleek finish for a universally subtle, yet sophisticated look. Standard configuration is four electrical outlets rated 12A/125VAC.

6 ft. electrical cord
Size: 8" long x 3" wide.
Cut Out: 6-3/4" x 2".

Also available: PCS49A (2 power / 2 data) and PCS49C (2 power / 1 data / 2 USB).

Finishes: Black, White.