data socket / power / double / recessed
PCS6 by Donna Matsumoto Doug Mockett & Co.



  • Type:

    data, power

  • Configuration:


  • Installation:


  • Material:


  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    black, white


PCS6 sits subtly, almost unnoticed, on the desktop until needed. Then, just pull all the way up by the handle until snug, ready to use. Power Pylon has two electrical outlets rated 15A/120VAC. No data insert choices.

PCS6 tube is extruded aluminum, cap and liner are plastic. Power Pylon is engineered to seat securely in desktop so when user plugs in, unit will stay firmly upright and not bend backwards. Goes into round 2 7/8" hole so it can be used not only vertically in desks and work surfaces, but also horizontally in arms of chairs or atop table legs.

6 ft. electrical cord
Overall: 3" diameter
Cut Out: 2 7/8" diameter