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    closed hearth

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DRU Maestro 80/2 Eco Wave
Fire as it is meant to be
The fire in the corner model of the DRU Maestro Eco Wave series dances around the logs. The two high windows and the anti-reflective glass also contribute to a perfect view of the ultimate fire. The realistic appearance of the logs and their well judged positioning ensure an even more authentic fire experience. The corner model can be installed tightly to the wall and is available in a left or right sided version. The model can also be suspended, creating a floating platform.

The perfect balance between warmth and atmosphere
Fire provides atmosphere, but it has to be in balance with the warmth emitted... DRU has developed the Eco Wave so that you can still enjoy natural full flames with less heat demand. This DRU innovation makes a significant contribution to the "ultimate fire" because the height of the flames can fluctuate from high to low. They are natural and lively, just like a real wood fire.

Place it wherever you like
The DRU innovation PowerVent ® proves that for DRU, the ultimate fire is more than just a framed picture of flames. It means the freedom to install a fire in the place where you think it looks best. In the middle of the room, in the bedroom, or in the kitchen. Place the DRU Maestro 80/2 Eco Wave wherever you want to. Thanks to the DRU innovation PowerVent®, you are no longer bound to a specific location or an existing flue.

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