door home automation system / for lighting / for shutters / for heating
TAHOMA drutex



  • Product applications:

    door, for lighting, for shutters

  • Function:

    for heating

  • Location:


  • Market:

    for domestic use

  • Other characteristics:

    wireless, multifunction, remote-controlled


Smart solutions that allow to control the working of radiators, thermostat and roller shutters may decrease heating bills by 20-30 percent.* Intelligent lighting control may generate extra savings. External roller shutters constitute an important element in this aspect since heat energy is lost through window panes. Already ca. one in five Poles use intelligent solutions in their houses.

Smart home ensures that we do not need to worry about comfort, functionality, energy efficiency of the house and even safety of your family. TaHoma Somfy automation allows to adapt all equipment at home to our needs and it also ensures usage comfort and fun. Windows, doors and roller shutters that, thanks to the modern Tahoma system, may open and close by themselves at selected times of the day and tilt and slide in integrated groups or individually, give us full control and supervision over our home even when we are out. We gain constant control by phone and if need arises we have access to the systems mounted at home at all times.