steel solar shading / for facades / orientable
DUTEC 110s Durmi



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  • Applications:

    for facades

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The lattice DUTEC 110 of adjustable lama 110mm allows without losing the minimalist touch that characterizes, get larger apertures thus reaching up to 2000mm (AL version) amounts of light without dividing.

Designed to satisfy both the uso industrial as using domestic.

La Celosia DUTEC 110 by measurement, 110mm, transmitted elegance, litheness and agility when modulate light.

There are different types of materials with which we can perform lattice DUTEC 110.

DUTEC 110 MA: controlled wood from logging, with the degree of warmth and naturalness that only wood can provide, with the latest treatments for wood, autoclave, sol-lasure, termo-wood.etc.
DUTEC 110 AL: the fully recyclable and the perfect combination of aluminum finishes and colors you can imagine the client, has the possibility of inserting steel rods therein, creating a vandal armor, sturdiness, lack of maintenance.
DUTEC 110 PF: made from phenolic resin temoendureciadas, facade offer a sense of warmth and lightness while maintaining eliminate lattice.
DUTEC 110 Eco2: more recyclable, recycled.