steel solar shading / for facades / orientable
DUTEC 145s Durmi



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    for facades

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The lattices of this size are the more usual measure blinds quintessential, the versatility to apply both opening systems and materials makes a good choice for the architect, they combine perfectly your the domestic industrial use.

The spacing between slats allows very good view of the outside without sacrificing privacy.

The diversity of materials to manufacture the lattice, cover any customer need and expectation.

DUTEC 145 AL: aluminum lattice classical quintessential, thousands of square meters guarantee the soundness, good taste, with timeless lines that create spaces with great power lighting dimming without losing any comfort. Is possible to assemble inside reinforced with steel tube.
DUTEC 145 MA: lattices made from wood with the best technical solutions and maintenance for proper operation and durability, a lattice inviting feel good inside housing.
DUTEC 145 PF: phenolic panel is the evolution of a classic with new forms and materials required by the market, durability and smooth lines is achieved backlit.
DUTEC 145 PVC: Sunscreen is the best offering in relation to price, made of high quality PVC.
Its soft, elegant lines are timeless and create enlightened and private spaces at once. You can also turn it into a highly secure lattice with internal reinforcement steel tube.