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stone wall cladding / indoor / outdoor / smooth



  • Material:


  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Finish:

    smooth, textured


We sell various types of natural stone walls. In various finishes and colors so that the placers can building a stone wall according to customer's request. The colors most widely sold for this type of finish are: the yellow granite and the gray granite. Stone wall construction is nowadays one of the products of choice for luxury hotels, "the stone wall inn." This aspect because the old stone wall gives the space cozy and luxurious style. A stone wall texture combined with lights positioned properly results in a work beautiful to see. Dry stone wall prevents moisture from some homes while maintaining the temperature of the area. Stone walling to result in a beautiful building will have to join good quality granite with good granite placers. Stone walling is knowledge, you can make stone wall at the entrance of your home, inside and outside of your home or in your garden. Our product is selling stonewall granite walls, granite cut to the measure the client desire and then it can be stacked or glued to the wall. If your request is for walls to delimit the area of residence of your home, the better will be granite blocks with free measures. If your request is to coat your home the best will be stone glued to the wall with "cement glue."