programmable thermostat / wall-mounted / for heating / wireless
INSTAT 868-A1S Eberle Controls



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    for heating

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wireless energy saving control
virtually flush with wall
ready to plug in

Radio receivers for sockets

Can be used universally to regulate electrical heating appliances, e.g. electric radiators, electric wall heating appliances, electric towel dryers.

Can be easily mounted by anyone, no electrical connection to the transmitter required (saves need for wiring and associated time-consuming breaking, laying, plastering and painting work)

Item no. 0536 0x 140 002
Switching current up to 16 A /AC 230 V
Indicator lamp: Heating on

Only available as a set. Radio transmitter and receiver are already aligned to each other.

Radio set comprising
INSTAT 868-r1 and INSTAT 868a1S 868-a1S
INSTAT+ 868 and INSTAT 868a1S 868-a1S
INSTAT 868-r1o and INSTAT 868a1S