Rigid panel insulation panel / wood fiber / interior / with vapor barrier
MULTIPLEX TOP Ecological Building Systems


  • Form:

    rigid panel

  • Composition:

    wood fiber

  • Type of vapor barrier:

    with vapor barrier


GUTEX Multiplex-top is a rain-tight vapour diffusion open sarking board. It is a dense, rain-tight, durable, insulating non bituminous woodfibre sarking board which features a homogenous single-layer raw density profile. It is designed for new roofs, roof refurbishments and external wall insulation behind a ventilated façade. The board may also be applied for interior applications.

GUTEX Multiplex-top has an exceptionally high density and has a unique tongue and groove format for increased wind and water tightness. The boards offer effective protection against heat loss in winter and heat protection in summer months. GUTEX Multiplex-top is available in thicknesses of up to 35mm in one single ply. The boards have an extremely low vapour resistance (µ = 3), ensuring vapour diffusion is optimized for the most breathable constructions. This minimized risks associated with condensation within building elements. Externally insulating a building with GUTEX Multiplex-top can make significant reductions in the U value of a building whilst also eliminating non repeating thermal bridges at key junctions (i.e. windows, doors, separating floors, at foundation level, etc.)

GUTEX Multiplex-top also improves the acoustic performance of the external fabric of the building based on its fibrous nature and high density


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