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insulating coating / smoothing / outdoor / indoor
ECAP STC Edilteco



  • Function:

    insulating, smoothing

  • Location:

    outdoor, indoor

  • Type of support:

    wall, for concrete, plaster

  • Component:

    silicate, mineral

  • Options:

    washable, water-repellent, colored


Mineral finishing in paste form composed of silicates potassium

Thin‐bed mineral finishing in paste, with a potassium silicate base, ready‐to‐use, for scratched and staffed structure, white and coloured, for indoor and outdoor application, it can be use manually and mechanically. Water solution of potassium silicates, mineral components, pigments, additives, water. we suggest to use Ecap® STC to protect and plastering of external façades and internal walls, for mineral plasters and old and new smoothing, reinforced concrete, for the preservation of architectonical monuments, for restoration, on external thermal insulating system utilization, on renovation plasters.

■ K - Available gran sizes: 1,0 - 1,2 - 1,5 - 2,0 - 3,0 mm.

■ Plastic bucket of 25 kg.

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