high bookcase / modular / contemporary / commercial
REFLECT edsbyn



  • Type:

    high, modular

  • Style:


  • Market:

    commercial, for offices

  • Material:

    wooden, metal, glass


Reflect storage is modular and has a unit for every task in the modern office. Its versatility and appeal are demonstrated by the fact that 3 billion kronor’s worth of Reflect has been sold over the years.

Reflect provides storage solutions both for individual workplaces, for the activity-based office’s other spaces such as reception, A2 storage, lounge, library, ”knock down” workplaces, interview rooms and creative spaces, and even for post and print rooms etc.

Choose the width, height, depth, front and back to suit your needs and match the closed plinth, wheels and round or square legs. Regardless of your needs and wishes, Reflect delivers.