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Stainless steel railing / for commercial buildings
FILL 5-01 EeStairs


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Options:

    for commercial buildings


Create your own style with the EeStairs® Fill 5-01 balustrade. Thanks to the perforations, this model can be made to suit any environment perfectly. In addition to this, you hardly see any welds and the balustrade requires minimal maintenance. This version is difficult to climb over and is therefore extremely safe. This makes the Fill 5-01 balustrade by EeStairs a model that combines a huge number of advantages.
Distinguishing features and advantages of EeStairs® Fill 5-01:

Few or no welds visible
Difficult to climb and therefore extremely safe
The variety of perforations available gives lots of options
Maintenance is hardly necessary

Would you like more information about EeStairs® Fill 5-01? Our advisors will be happy to tell you more during a consultation without any obligation attached.


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