Wall waterproofing membrane / for facades / for windows / for curtain walls


  • Applications:

    wall, for facades, for windows, for curtain walls

  • Other characteristics...:

    self-adhesive, low-VOC, UV-resistant, ozone resistance, prefab, custom

  • Function:

    protection, perimeter drainage, vapor barrier, air barrier

  • Format:


  • Material:



Unlimited self-adhesive bands. Waste-free!
Effisus Ecofacade SA-Edge is the innovative time-saving system for waterproofing facade connections.

High performance and added value system are guaranteed:
• not only due to its expectable durability of over 50 years
• Even more to its self-adhesive bands
• Which can be of any number and configuration
• According to each project’s needs.

Solution benefits:
• Extinction of the need for adhesives
• Applications’ ease and speed are increased
• Wastes are eliminated
• Budget predictability is more effective.
• Possibility of human error during installation is also widely reduced
• Robust – 100% waterproof and UV resistant
• Universal – Customisable dimensions
• Durable – High life-expectancy
• Flexible – Customisable integrated self-adhesive bands
• Easy to apply – Simple to handle materials and no need for accessories

This is done by ensuring both water and air tightness, which also improves energy efficiency and acoustics.

Effisus Ecofacade SA-Edge:
• Fully customisable widths
• Expectable durability of 50 years
• Resistant to UVs and ozone
• Service temperatures from -30ºC e +140ºC
• Permanently elastic
• Elongation of up to 300%
• Both thermal and structural vibration resistance
• Possibility of having multiple self-adhesive bands and custom positions
• Possibility of last-minute orders

Typical Applications:
• Connections in ventilated facades
• Connections in curtain walls
• Connections in traditional facades
• Connections in pre-fabricated facades
• Sustainable Construction Projects


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