protection waterproofing system / fire safety / facade


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    protection, fire safety

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The Effisus Braze ensures water tightness of the facade, guarateeing proper water vapor management whilst having superior fire resistence. Effisus Braze eliminates the possibility of condensation and conditions associated with moisture, maximizing energy efficiency and acoustics. Indoor air quality and health of users is also promoted.
It is an integrated, efficient and sustainable system that protects the building from atmospheric elements. Promotes indoor air quality and health of users.
The best solution for buildings with the highest requirements for fire action resistance.

Why choose Effisus Braze System?

Complete and integrated system
“Cutting Edge technology”
Solutions with superior resistance to fire action
Solutions with elastic behavior: absorb the movements of thermal or structural origin of the building
Watertight and intelligent solutions in the facade water vapor management
Adaptable solutions to the requirements of each project
Ongoing technical support in all phases of the project
Easy and quick installation

High impact on the longevity of the building
Promotes indoor air quality and health of users
High longevity of the system
Reduced maintenance requirements
Recyclable membranes
Solvent less accessories
Locking systems option with no need for adhesives
Waste reduction by customizing solutions