Metal roof waterproofing membrane / for ducts / flexible / adhesive
BOND GF Effisus


  • Applications:

    for metal roofs, for ducts

  • Other characteristics...:

    flexible, adhesive

  • Format:

    strip type

  • Material:

    butyl rubber, polyolefin


The Effisus Bond GF solution is the efficient and sustainable solution, for sealing surfaces with irregular configurations.
The tape incorporates excellent adhesion properties, coated with a transparent PE film, highly elastic and extensible (longitudinal and transversal).Perfect adherence to VCL and Breather membranes.
Given its enormous flexibility, Effisus Bond GF tape is ideal for sealing objects with irregular shapes, ensuring a permanent and elastic sealing.

Why should you choose Effisus Bond GF?

“Cutting Edge Technology”
100% waterproof
Excellent elongation and deformation capacity to adapt to uneven surfaces with irregular configuration
Exceptional adhesion to various materials
Permanently flexible
Different options for different requirements
Ongoing technical support

Great longevity
No maintenance required
Without solvents
Adhesion resists cold temperatures without adhesives


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