Metal roof waterproofing system / flexible / UV-resistant / ozone resistance


  • Applications:

    for metal roofs

  • Other characteristics...:

    flexible, UV-resistant, ozone resistance

  • Material:

    EPDM, silicone


Effisus Stopper MR is the solution for the permanent sealing of penetrations in metal roofs:
• Diameters from 0 to 750mm.
• EPDM composition
• laminated aluminum base
• it allows a perfect fit to virtually any configuration of the roof profile
• The Flexible EPDM membrane with a base edged with aluminum bands, to form & follow the various corrugations of the roof.
Its flexibility ensures:
• Absorbs roof movements or vibrations
• Resists to the most aggressive atmospheric conditions.
• The different design options allow it to meet the different requirements of each project, as well as the different types of metal roof penetrations.
• Facade application also possible.

• Flexible design that meets the most diverse requirements of each project
• 100% waterproof, resistant to UV’s and ozone
• Perfectly adaptable to any roof profile
• Each dimension covers a wide range of diameters
• Remains flexible up to -57ºC
• Easy to install. Simple to use materials and common accessories
• Supplied in kits for complete installations
• Technical support

• Great longevity
• No maintenance required
• Without plasticizers, chlorine or halogens
• Recyclable materials
• Adhesive without solvents


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