Penetration sealant / elastomeric / EPDM / waterproof
COBRA Effisus


  • Specifications:


  • Composition:


  • Function:

    waterproof, penetration

  • Other characteristics:

    UV-resistant, roll, easy to install, for metal roofs, elastic


The Effisus Cobra Solution is the solution for permanent sealing of metal roof penetrations and connections.
• Combined with two aluminum strands
• Incorporated and ribbed on both edges.

• Great EPDM elongation capacity
• Combined with the capacity of deformation and memory of the ribbed aluminum strands
Ensures that Effisus Cobra is the solution to seal penetrations in virtually any type of metal roof.
By following-up the straight surfaces as well the corrugated metal roof profiles, Effisus COBRA solves the hard problem of sealing connections and penetrations in such demanding situations.

• Complete and integrated solution
• 100% waterproof
• Excellent resistance to UV’s and ozone
• Fast and easy to install
• Resistant to extreme temperature variations
• High elasticity – absorbs expansion and structural vibrations
• Adaptable to the requirements of each project
• Technical support from project to construction

• Great longevity
• No maintenance required
• Without plasticizers, chlorine or halogens
• Recyclable materials
• Adhesive without solvents


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