Facade waterproofing system / for windows / custom / prefab


  • Applications:

    for facades, for windows

  • Other characteristics...:

    custom, prefab, flexible, UV-resistant, ozone resistance

  • Function:

    air barrier, vapor barrier

  • Material:



Pre-fabricated frames for window waterproofing.

Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab Frames are the outperforming system for a seamless facade-to-window connection sealing job.

Due to their edges and shapes, sealing window frames has always required a large amount of time, wastes and sealants, but not anymore.

Since the frames are:
• Customized and pre-fabricated according to each windows
• Using the Ecofacade Membrane
• Assured a time-saving
• error-free
• long-lasting installation

With Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab Frames, waterproofing windows becomes an efficient and sustainable job.
• Time saved
• Probability of installation errors is eliminated
• Reduced labor
• Performance is assured, more than ever.

• Fully customisable dimensions and configurations
• Resistant to UVs and ozone
• Service temperatures from -30ºC e +140ºC
• Permanently elastic
• Elongation of up to 300%
• Both thermal and structural vibration resistance
• In-factory pre-fabrication and vulcanisation
• Expected durability of 50 years
• High impact on the longevity of the building
• Reduced maintenance requirements
• Recyclable materials
• Reduction of wastes by customizing solutions
• Inspection-friendly


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