Energy-efficient prefab house / in wood / contemporary
EK 027 ekokoncept, wooden prefabricated buildings, d.o.o


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  • Material:

    in wood

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An atrium ek 027 prefabricated house is a timeless classic with a thoughtful and functional design. With some finer touches, we tried to bring this essentially simple house to our more aesthetically demanding customers. Most of the outside façade area is closed, the house opens in ​​the atrium making ek 027 a pleasant terrace house in the embrace of nature.

ek 027 is an atrial prefabricated house with all necessary space lements. The two nurseris are at a duscrete distance but still adequatly connected to the living area. All the rooms in the house (bathroom excluded) are in direct contact with the outside. We can also bring additional light to the hous via special reflecting tubes.


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