electric convector / stainless steel / rectangular / horizontal



  • Power source:


  • Finish:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:

    rectangular, horizontal, wall-mounted


Precision electronic temperature controller made in EU
- Provides for 20% less electricity consumption as compared to similar models equipped with mechanical temperature controller.
- The electronic temperature controller maintains specified temperature with precision of +/- 0,1ºC.
- Automatic temperature overload protection in case of unit accidental cover and temperatures over 150º С supply is switched off.
- Anti-frost function automatically switches on the unit in case of temperature below 5ºС in the room.
- Anti-shock protection in case of unit falling the electronic controller automatically switches off supply.
- Delayed Start mode up to 72 hours.
- Children protected access to the electronic controller.
= Mode Sleep on the LED display thanks to a special sensor the display is dimmed nighttime.
Long operation life the stainless steel heater is made with optimum form and large heating area. Thus it secures comfort and faster air heating while loading less the heater itself.
Optimized natural convection secured by the unit design, the double aluminum radiator and 100% heating power application.
Ultra slim only 59 mm.
Noiseless operation.