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PROSTORE 500 Electrolux Professional



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    stainless steel


Prostore 500, 1 Door Digital Freezer, 470lt (-22/-15 °C) R290

The new generation of freezer cabinets which offer unmatched capacity, increased energy efficiency and silent operation.

Capacity - up to 65 liters more space*, prostore provides the highest net capacity in the market. Additionally, its 700 mm depth provides perfect alignment with tables and refrigerated counters optimizing the kitchen layout. Suitable for GN 1/1 containers.

Efficiency - 55% less energy consumption*, prostore guarantees lower running costs and respects the environment. prostore assures excellent performance and longer life thanks to the use of R290 natural refrigerant gas and Cyclopentane isolating foam.

Silent operation - 50% lower perceived noise level*, designed for a kitchen yet perfect for a library. prostore guarantees a better working

Equipped with Frost Watch Control to provide great advantages in kitchens with frequent door openings, optimize defrosting thus avoiding sudden changes in temperature, reducing bacterial proliferation, food damage and high energy consumption. Frost Watch Control activates the defrost cycle only when necessary.

Large digital white-digit display. 3 probes for continuous check of external temperature, internal temperature and condenser operation. Foot pedal for easy and fast operations.

*compared to equivalent freezer cabinets

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