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high-speed blast chiller / commercial
BLAST CHILLER/FREEZERS 30-25KG Electrolux Professional



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Chilling means bringing the temperature of cooked food from +90ºC to +3°C in a short time lap which does not allow
bacterial growth. Electrolux Blast Chillers/Freezers reduce temperature from +90ºC to +3°C at food core in less than 90
minutes and down to -18ºC in less than four hours: the model detailed on this sheet performs this cycle up to a 100 kg
full load. After the Blast Chilling/freezing process a holding cycle starts automatically to respectively maintain food at +3
and -18 °C. Blast freezed food has a solid 6 months/1 year shelf life without loss of flavour, nutritional values and weight.
The opportunity to prepare in a single shot the food to be used in different times during the week enables a better work
scheduling and therefore a sensible reduction in labour costs.

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