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upright freezer / commercial / stainless steel
ECOSTORE TOUCH Electrolux Professional



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    stainless steel


ecostore Touch 1 Door Freezer with LCD Touch Screen, 670 lt (-22/-15) - R290

Cabinets certified as class 7by the CECED Italia energy classification board. CECED Italia studies demonstrate that the potential annual savings estimated by replacing a cabinet in class 1 with a cabinet in class 7 of equivalent volume, is equal to 720 € for each freezer replaced (considering an energy cost of 0,17 €/ kWh and an average net volume of 600lt).

To guarantee you exceptional efficiency, our ecostore cabinets are classified according to the strictest international standards for protecting the environment and managing costs like ECA, EIA, Go'Energi and ceceditalia.

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