Potable water tap / metal
LKSS1141A Elkay


  • Product applications:

    for fountain

  • Other characteristics:

    potable water

  • Material:



Push-button bubbler, self closing, with built-in adjustable
volume control which controls flow from 20 p.s.i. to 105 p.s.i.
LKSS1141A Flexi-Guard® Bubbler*. Stainless steel body
with a 1/2" (13mm) straight pipe thread connection. Requires
single faucet hole. Ship. Wt. 2.3 lbs.
LKSSVR1141A Metal Bubbler. Same as LKSS1141A
except with metal mouth guard. Model includes (2) antirotation
pins for field installation. Four hole bubbler body
drilling allows installer to match anti-rotation pins to the antirotation
sink bubbler hole slot configuration.
*Exclusive Flexi-Guard mouth guard utilizes a pliable polyester
elastomer to prevent mouth injuries. Guard flexes on
impact and then returns to original position. Strong, abrasion
resistant, anti-sweat and meets sanitary requirements.


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