corrugated metal sheet / aluminum / for roofs / for facade cladding
ENF Elval Colour S.A.



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    for roofs, for facade cladding


ENF Corrugated Products are designed for roofing or façade systems and offer a high degree of corrosion resistance, a significant potential for energy efficiency, and a reliable aesthetical pleasing solution. Made out of relatively thin sheet aluminium, they can be a practical alternative for the cladding of commercial, agricultural, industrial, and sometimes residential buildings.

The main advantage of a corrugated roofing system is that it is relatively cheap compared to the price of metal shingles and standing-seam roofs. A large roof area can be covered with corrugated aluminium roofing. On the other hand, a façade made of corrugated panels offers many possibilities for innovation in architectural design.

Depending on the specific application or customer requirements, our corrugated panels can be coated with a wide selection of coil coating paints, ranging from basic polyester coatings to high end and extremely durable PVDF (plus lumiflon) coatings which can satisfy durability requirements for the most demanding construction projects.

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