Upholstery fabric / for curtains / patterned / floral pattern
MATISCAL FR by Javier Mariscal Equipo DRT


  • Type:

    upholstery, for curtains

  • Motif:

    patterned, floral pattern

  • Material:


  • Market:

    contract, for hotels, shop, industrial, for boats

  • Options:

    for outdoor use, fire-rated


Minimalist, colorful vegetation — tropical plants, acanthus leaves, fern and palm fronds — are the focus of the ‘Matiscal’ design. A printed outdoor FR fabric created by Mariscal for EquipoDRT, ‘Matiscal’ is in keeping with the ‘Tropical Paradise’ trend in decoration that has left its mark on both indoor and outdoor spaces. A flame-retardant fabric that comes in a 140 cm width, ‘Matiscal’ is perfect for upholstering armchairs and sofas and creating cushions and curtains for use in both domestic settings as well as hotels and restaurants.


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