concrete planter / round / modular / contemporary
LENA by Manuel Ruisánchez Escofet



  • Material:


  • Shape:


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  • Style:

    contemporary, original design

  • Market:

    for public spaces


Ruisanchez Architects have developed LENA, a large-volume planter with an outer diameter of 230 cm, based on the geometry of a slanted cone, sectioned by two non-parallel planes. The surface of this cast stone product with a mild acid etch features a deep grooved relief, highlighted by a play of light and shadow that gives it strong personality. Two positions are possible: LENA-open, with the largest diameter at the top, and LENA-closed in the reverse position. In both cases, the rear part is open. LENA can be installed directly on pavements, sand or natural ground. When the interior volume cannot be placed in direct contact with the natural ground, the soil volume in the planter is confined with a double layer of geotextile or a thin base layer of porous concrete to facilitate the drainage of excess water without soil loss or erosion.