Outdoor drinking fountain / stainless steel
SARASTRO ® by Andreu Arriola - Carme Fiol Escofet


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  • Material:

    stainless steel


Design: Andreu Arriola y Carme Fiol
Producer: ESCOFET 1995

SARASTRO is a stainless steel water fountain that emerges from the ground in a cylindrical shape, painted in red Oxiron. It is capped with a flat tray and a stainless steel disk etched to mark the time with a sundial. The fountain mechanism, which is also used as a gnomon, extends along the arched jet of water emerging from the mouth. The subtle shadow-reflection on the sundial reminds us of the passage of time, shown accurately when the fountain is installed facing the Polar Star.

SARASTRO is part of the MAGIC FLUTE collection, created in 1995 by architects Andreu Arriola and Carme Fiol in conjunction with Escofet for remodelling work on Calle Santa Clara in Girona.

MAGIC FLUTE is a collection of street furniture inspired by the characters and music of Mozart’s famous opera. The elements in this series, DAMAS planter, PAPAREGENA litter bin, SARASTRO drinking fountain and and G-BENCH, have characteristic shapes that interrelate them harmoniously, creating a visual melody in the urban landscape.


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