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    child's unisex, combined

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- For the Infant :

“It's like a cocoon. The structure builds a rooftop and a great space to welcome the baby. An open room with a cradle on wheels, different storage places and a foldaway changing-table. The space is surrounded by soft material and a lot of pockets hidden in the curtains, ideal to place the teddies. At night or nap time, it becomes a true cocoon, perfectly suitable for the infant.” Matali Crasset

- For the Babies (1 to 4yrs old) :

“The structure doesn't move but the fitting evolves : the cradle turns into a proper bed with two sleeping heights and the storage gets more and more important to welcome the new toys. A playing area is situated below. Storage is placed above.” Matali Crasset

- For the Children (5 to 12yrs old) :

“The structure turns into a nest at 1,30m height. The storage is installed above and the walls enable to store the books and the toys. The central space allows a comfortable area to sit and play or read. Below, the platform welcomes a real bed with 120cm width and a shelf used as a headboard. A desk is placed on the side.” Matali Crasset

- For the Teenagers :

“The structure becomes a platform organizing the space around : a sleeping area, a working area and a little living room the rest of the time. The bed turns into a sofa thank to a smooth and pivoting backrest, to welcome the guests. The flooring is elevated to maximize the space underneath. The upper space becomes a storage place.” Matali Crasset