hanging light fixture / fluorescent / linear / methacrylate
SEMPLICE by Quargnale-Ruatti studio Architetti Esse-ci



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  • Other characteristics:

    modular lighting system, dimmable


Semplice, creative design in the forms and technology make this fixture an innovative system for the modern lighting of working places and livingspaces.

A multirole fixture on its uniqueness, which can be adapted to the different modern design needs.

The exclusive body, completely realized in methacrilate with high pigmentation, underlines an homogeneous light never realized before and avoid the reading of the internal light source, while ensuring an high light efficiency. The closing headers and the joint accessories are also realized in methacrilate and use a fixing system with invisible graft, guaranteeing an amazing homogeneity of the entire fixture also when installed in continuous row.

Equipped with a modern technology which uses Seamless T5 SL Lamps, the system is really performing and leave further space to the planning.