indoor flexible tile / floor / PVC / textured



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  • Thickness:

    7 mm


A new and exclusive design for Global to combine perfectly practical and aesthetical aspect.

Global tile dresses up with a new design to mix together practicality and elegance.

Now available with two different finishing: A stripes and B with dots.

GLOBAL interlocking PVC tiles are suitable for various indoor environments such as factories, offices, multi-purpose halls, kindergartens, schools, warehouses, shops, showrooms, metro, airports, boats, gyms and sports clubs halls, laboratories, printing houses, public places , platforms, fitness centers, etc.

Due to its thickness and its structure it’s particularly resistant and carriageable. For this reason it is recommended for warehouses, industries, workshops, etc. It’s resistant to oils a

GLOBAL tiles are easy to clean, are scratch-resistant and stain-resistant thanks to the exclusive treatment against scratch and wear and tear.

Like all vinyl floors, if placed in cars or motorcycles showroom, tires may leave prints caused by the release of volatile substances contained within them. Therefore we recommend to indicate this type of use, in order to take a protective measures to prevent prints from chemical transmigration. This information concerns only new tires so it is not necessary for auto mechanics, body shops and repairers generally where it is expected the stationing of vehicles with used tires.