Metal facing sandwich panel / insulating polyurethane (PUR) core
DELFOS PIR Europerfil


  • Cover sheet material:

    metal facing

  • Core material:

    insulating polyurethane (PUR) core


Europerfil's roofing constructive panel DELFOS PIR, Bs2D0, thickness 30/70 mm, 1100mm usefull wide, nucleus of Polyurethane foam, 40 Kg/m3 density injected between double lacquered o galvanized steel panel 0,5/0,6 mm. Assemblage with mounting system fasteners out of sight and jointure cover, cramp iron and central rib rigidifying, pich's covers > 5% according to CTE.

Precut for transversal overlap, autodrilling screw collection, jointures cover.


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