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Engineered parquet flooring / floating / beech / natural oil


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    natural oil


A beech glued hardwood floor, a floating, a beech floating parquet or a beech veneered flooring, with your retailer, you should take advantage of the 'a la carte' system to select the type(s) of beech parquet that match your particular needs: these may include your budget, technical and environments requirements ...

Now that you have defined the beech parquet for your project you can also find beech in wooden panelling, so that you can cover wall and/or ceiling surfaces too. Let your imagination loose on the possibilities!

Technical information:

The types of parquet
Prestige glued parquet: 15mm
Absolu floating parquet: 14mm
FunFloor veneered flooring: 8mm

Format: 1200 x 150
Finishing: Mat varnish, satin varnish or natural oil

The work required to produce the beech parquet is carried out entirely in France, and the end products are healthy for you. The glue does not contain solvent, the oil and its pigments are naturals. The amount of formaldehyde used is below European standards.


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