self-supporting conservatory / stainless steel / wooden
‘REVEAL-CONCEAL’, BBC Factory Street Furniture



  • Installation:


  • Material:

    stainless steel, wooden


Factory Furniture were approached by Diarmuid Gavin and asked to design and produce a feature structure (‘Reveal-Conceal’) for an episode of the popular makeover series ‘Homefront in the Garden’ on the BBC. ‘Reveal-Conceal’ was a large cedar-clad ‘gazebo’ featuring decking walls that could be lowered gently by hand with the aid of concealed horse box springs. Once lowered, the walls became usable decks leaving an inner “skin” of sliding doors. The sliding doors had a timber frame with a stainless steel fabric infill. A clip of the episode can be found here (slide to 23:55 to see the finished article)

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