PVC roofing sheet / corrugated

Fast color

As top layer material,Geloy anti-climate engineering resin made by GE is extraordinarily suitable for outdoor use. Even exposed to ultra-violet radiation,dampness, heat,chillness and impact, the products remain the stability of color and physical properties. Tests held in Aging Test center of Arizona and Florida prove that△E is less than 5 within 10 years.
Roma tile has passed 10,000h accelerated aging test in China National center for Test of Chemical Building Materials with the test result of △E=2.22.

Anti-impact and Low Temperature Resistant

Falling sphere impact test: a 1kg steel ball falls freely from a height of 2m onto the tile and no crack is thus made. The tile is impacted by the falling sphere for ten times at low temperature without damage. After ten cycles of freeze and melting, there is no swelling, frothiness, peeling-off or crack.

Anti-corrosion performance

GELOY resin of Roma tile features in excellent anti-corrosion performance, which will not decline due to the erosion of rain and snow. The resin is resistant to many chemical materials such as acid, alkali, salt, etc. Therefore, it is very suitable for the applications in costal areas with serious salt fog corrosion and the areas with serious air pollution.