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fiber-reinforced concrete solar shading / for facades / vertical / rigid
EHPAD by Philippon Kalt Fehr



  • Material:

    fiber-reinforced concrete

  • Applications:

    for facades

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, rigid, imitation wood


As part of a project to renovate and convert a building into a new nursing home specifically for Alzheimer's patients, a Ductal® FO (organic fibre) mesh was designed to cover the garden side façade.

Attached to seven storeys of the restored building, it can withstand the loads directly applied to it (its own weight, the wind).

The mesh consists of «profiles» made of reinforced DUC- TAL® FO, with five types of sections. Each profile has a constant cross section and extends over two levels. Each profile is designed as a beam with three supports, each of them an articulation. The horizontal displacements (X and Y axes) are blocked at each level. The vertical displacements (Z axis) are only blocked at the foot of each plane of the façade.

This design means the strips are free to expand vertically under the effect of the ambient temperature and allows a flexion in the bridges of 1 cm at the end of the projection without subjecting the mesh to any excess loads.